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Marine Coatings | Marine Paints


Agatha Paint 
Our product is paint. We provide high performance coating solutions to enhance, beautify and protect a diverse range of structures. From the oil tanker in Indonesia, we have the right product to satisfy your operational, financial and environmental needs.

Marine Coatings and Marine Paints
Agatha paint. one of the Indonesia's leading industrial companies and the world’s largest coatings manufacturer. Our marine coatings are engineered to deliver proven performance in service whilst representing value for money. Environmental responsibility is a major feature of the marine coatings offer; particularly in terms of new product introductions and ongoing global research programmes.We are technology leaders in antifoulings, abrasion resistant coatings, ballast tank coatings and Queen’s Award winning foul release coatings for ships being built, repaired or maintained.

Protective Coatings
Protecting steel structures worldwide. An extensive range of high performance coatings for diverse industries including oil, gas, chemical processing, pulp & paper, steel structure & mining.
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